Class Descriptions


A slower yoga practice that emphasizes posture alignment. This practice enhances muscle tone, flexibility, and a peaceful mind.


A dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes movement with breath and integrates awareness and alignment, as well as strength and flexibility. Sequencing may include sun salutations, standing, arm balancing, inverted, and seated postures.

Gentle Yoga (not currently offered)

A Hatha style class that is at the beginner level. Also a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where those that are pregnant can enhance the bonding process with your baby. Support the development of your baby and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

(You do not need to be pregnant to attend this class)

Kids Yoga (not currently offered)

A great class for your children! Interactive yoga activities and leveled postures provide a terrific opportunity for children to have fun while practicing yoga. Registration is required.

Ballet Barre

(not currently offered)

A fantastic workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, and burns fat. Using a wooden ballet barre as an aide when performing small isometric movements set to hip hop music, you will feel the burn without having performing intense aerobic exercise.