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What Is Yoga Therapy?
·         Yoga Therapy is an empowering new way to identify, transform and eliminate behaviors and attitudes that bring about stress in everyday life.
·         Yoga Therapy is an adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges or who want to improve their mental, physical and emotional health.
·         Yoga Therapy prescribes specific postures, breathing exercises, mantras and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs. 
·         Yoga Therapy is an evolving practice, one driven by the client’s self-awareness and growth in the practice of Yoga.

·         Yoga Therapy draws on CranioSacral, and Access Consciousness techniques for a comprehensive lifestyle approach toward physical wellness, psychological attitudes (self-knowledge), mental stillness (relaxation, meditation), and spiritual centeredness (cultivating personal beliefs).

Conditions Helped with Yoga Therapy:·       
 Age-Specific Yoga
  •         Attention Deficit Disorder
  •        Cancer
  •        Emotional/Mental Conditions 
  •        Anxiety
  •        Depression
  •         Nervous System Disorders
  •         Immune Conditions
  •          Arthritis
  •          Lyme Disease
  •         Physical Pain
  •         Spiritual Direction
  •         Stress Management
  •         System dysfunction
  •         Asthma
  •         Diabetes
  •         Digestive Ailments
  •         Heart Disease
  •         Weight management

Luz Shanti
  ·         Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner (CACP)

·         Certified CranioSacral Therapist (CCST)
·         Comprehensive Yoga Therapist (CYT)
·         Quantum Healing Practitioner (CQH)
·         Yoga Teacher  (YT-800)

          Yoga Therapy Private Rates & Workshops:·       
  Single sessions start at $ 80
·Multi Sessions’ pkg. available
 Workshops at your facility start at $ 350
Complementary consult for new clients
*Sessions scheduled by appointment

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